Exercise-Induced Headache - A Case Report


  • Qudsia Anjum




Exercise, headache, sports, diagnosis, disease management.


Headache is one the commonest presentation in primary care settings and it presents a challenge to  the treating physician. As the complaint becomes chronic, it affects quality of life of the patient. Individuals and patients experiencing headaches take medications undergo meditations and non-invasive investigations and yet no complete cure is attained. Various  factors  have  been  identified  as  to  the  cause of headache, and classification of headache has been identified in medical literature. Case re-    ports in literature have discussed sports-related headache, and avoidance has been the short term preventive management offered. Keeping in view the diversity of the common complains of headache, we came across an interesting case and which has been reported. A 43 years old male Gulf Co-op-   eration Council (GCC) Member, experiencing intermittent frontal headache after gym exercises with no constitutional symptoms. He was an average built healthy adult, non-smoker and no associated co- morbidity. Counselling and warm up before gym exercises was advised.

Author Biography

Qudsia Anjum

Specialist Family Medicine, Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centers, UAE